Video by Andrea Liuzza, 2018





Interactive performance

February, 10th  2018

Piazza San Marco, Venice

during the carnaval


Composition :

White cube made out of canvases,

Ipad connected to my facebook profile.


Facecube is a digital portrait in continuous evolution, generated by others. Indeed, anybody could write, take pictures or videos, directly on my facebook profile. I could therefore feel every touch on this screen that has become a mask (there is someone behind the screen/mask). The public being also masked freely thanks to the carnaval's context, its level of identity is as equal as the one available on the internet. I was both present physically, digitally absent and blind even if I was giving the impression of seeing.


Photography by Milan Durin.



Exhibition in Nantes / 24>27 May 2018 / @Archiculture


Installation :

From up to down : 

Facecube connected to the facebook profile on which it is possible to read every post written during the performance, and write new ones.

Film of the performance projected on the wall.

Cube of Tuffeau (local rock), with a qr code painted on it linking to the facebook profile.